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Rewarding Employees on Vacation

After a long period time of hard work our team made some achievement. In order to reward the best team and keep our passion to work our boss decides to give us a chance to have a junket tour.

We want to Luoyang-a famous tourist city of Henan Province. We spent three days there and enjoyed a beautiful and relax time. We have been to Wangcheng Park, the Longmen Grottoes, Tianchi Mountain, and Comb Hole. During travel the most interesting thing was we lived beside a large reservoir. The water was clear, air very fresh and scenery full of attractiveness. All of our team members were relaxes in such environment. Apart from this what is worth to mention was our team spirit. We help each other no matter difficulties he or she met, we share happiness and sorrows, we found solutions together, and we encouraged each other when we want to give up. Such team spirit is also important for our work, so I believe we will do better based on our team spirit. 


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