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We and Social Responsibility

Chinese have a saying: "The rise and fall of the world, everyone is responsible." Sanjiangyuan Chemical development process, has kept to its social responsibilities and obligations, the conduct of the country as a good corporate citizen, do everything for the region economic growth and contribute to social development.

Our efforts:

Firstly, A high quality products and convenient services provided to consumers.

Secondly, owing to the development of the development of our company, we provide hundreds of people’s job for the community to solve the employment problem.

Thirdly, the company's product sales in national and local foreign exchange and tax have made great contributions.

Fourthly, the company attaches importance to the environment and environmental protection and physical and mental health of employees, to pay social security contributions  for their employees.

As a company with ambitious enterprise, Sanjiangyuan Chemical since its inception has been the embrace of a thankful heart nurturing society, actively involved in various social welfare undertakings, to fulfill its responsibilities in educational public service, the public service of the Red Cross, disaster relief, the staff even went to the disaster area to participate in volunteer activities, contributing to the community with a strong sense of social responsibility to spread love and positive energy。



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